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We are completely transparent and work on a fee basis. We will agree our fee with you in advance and in writing based on the work involved, the level of expertise required and the sums involved. We will also discuss and agree your requirements and fees to provide on-going advice, support and the monitoring of your investments and plans. How we set these fees will take into account the following parameters.

Initial Advice
For providing you with initial advice and a strategic report, including cashflow forecasting and any technical input, we will generally charge a flat fee. This will either be a standalone one-off piece of work or part of a holistic proposal.


When recommending suitable providers and implementing our advice we will charge a fee taking into account the sums involved as per our Terms of Business.

On-going Servicing
This will be based on the level of total funds we are managing and will include an agreed annual review schedule encompassing any meetings, valuation reports, fund monitoring and ad hoc advice and support:

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Winsec Financial Services is a trading name of Blackstone Moregate Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England. Registered No: 03631973

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